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Grants Made

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Alzheimer’s Association, Greater Pennsylvania Chapter

$5,600.00 - Caregivers’ Education Series

Although 75% of persons with Alzheimer’s disease are cared for at home by family members, most available training programs are designed for the professional rather than the family caregiver. This Caregivers' Education Series is designed to educate family caregivers -- especially those facing a new diagnosis -- on the basics of Alzheimer's disease, communication and behavior management, legal issues, and caring for the caregiver. The no-cost series will be offered in four locations throughout BCNEPA’s service area. Four, two-hour workshops will be offered at each site, led by a certified prevention education specialist. No less than 100 caregivers from across nine counties will be reached.

Blue Mountain Health System

$11,925.00 - Mammography & Diagnostic Ultrasounds for the Uninsured

In Carbon County, where 14% of all residents are uninsured, less than 3% of the 4,300 mammograms provided by Blue Mountain Health System (BMHS) in 2009 were for un/underinsured women. BMHS will use Foundation funds to expand its digital mammography and diagnostic ultrasound screening program to include an additional 85 un/underinsured women in the coming year. Qualified women will be identified and referred to the program by local physicians, and screenings will be conducted at a discounted rate by BMHS. Any women identified as needing follow-up intervention will also be treated by BMHS.

Clinton County Healthy Communities

$9,950.00 - Clinton County Community Dental Clinic

In 2009, Clinton County Healthy Communities (CCHC) opened a Dental Clinic to serve low-income, un/underinsured children and families. CCHC will use Foundation funding to expand the hours of a dental hygienist and serve 450 new patients in the coming year. In addition, the Clinic has seen an increase in the number of patients who are tobacco users, so some funds will be used for tobacco prevention and oral health education as well.

Deutsch Institute

$7,000.00 - Adaptive Exercise Program

The Deutsch Institute will expand its exercise program for special needs adults to include four other community-based adult day programs, reaching an additional 160 physically at-risk individuals across three counties. On-site sessions led by a professional fitness instructor will take place two times per week for eight weeks, with the cycle being repeated six times in the coming year. Sessions will focus on movements that help these individuals increase their cardio and respiratory endurance, muscle strength, balance and flexibility.

Devereux Pocono Center

$4,000.00 - Get Moving, Get Fit – Exercise Education for Special Needs Adults

“Get Moving, Get Fit” is a structured physical activity program that will serve 45 adults with disabilities who live at Devereux facilities and who are unable to participate in mainstream programs. The program is designed to complement a nutrition education program at Devereux that started in 2008 with help from a previous Blue Ribbon Foundation grant. Residents will participate in exercise sessions led by a professional instructor with extensive experience working with special needs individuals. The program will be offered 3 times per week for 18 weeks during the coming year, and will focus on movements that help increase cardio/respiratory endurance, muscle strength, balance and flexibility. Staff will also be trained to continue to deliver the program to clients beyond the Foundation’s initial year of funding.

H.A.N.D.S of Wyoming County

$2,610.00 - Penn State Cooperative Extension’s “Eating Smart – Being Active” Program

“Eating Smart - Being Active,” is a research-based food and nutrition education program aimed at teaching low-income families with young children about healthy lifestyle choices. H.A.N.D.S., in partnership with Penn State Cooperative Extension, will use Foundation funds to provide four, two-hour workshops, led by a certified nutrition educator, to 20 pre-qualified parents and caregivers. Topics include preparing healthy and affordable meals, practical shopping, nutritious cooking methods, food safety and staying active. An additional 100 youngsters, ages 3-to-5, will receive age-appropriate nutrition and physical education sessions at targeted childcare centers across Wyoming County.

Luzerne County Community College (LCCC) Foundation

$12,000.00 - LCCC Dental Clinic for the Uninsured

The LCCC Dental Clinic provides dental screenings, evaluations, and education for low-income and uninsured people of all ages. As a student teaching center, services are provided by student clinicians in tandem with volunteer licensed and certified professionals. In January 2011, the Clinic will expand into a state-of-the-art Health and Sciences Center currently under construction in downtown Nanticoke. The move is projected to increase the number of uninsured patients by 40%. LCCC will use Foundation funds to purchase commonly needed dental supplies and serve 745 new uninsured patients in the coming year.

Lycoming County United Way

$8,430.00 - "Healthy Smiles" Dental Education for Pre-School Children

“Healthy Smiles" is a dental education program aimed at teaching low-income children about proper oral health care. Part of Lycoming County United Way’s Early Child Care Education (ECCE) initiative, this program will target 800 children, ages 3 to 5, in preschool and child care settings across Lycoming County. A certified dental hygiene educator will deliver fifty (50) one-hour educational sessions covering age-appropriate topics such as the importance of taking care of one's teeth, brushing, flossing and having a healthy diet. All parents and caregivers will receive resource materials to help them reinforce good behaviors at home.

Maternal and Family Health Services

$10,000.00 - Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) Client Education

The Maternal and Family Health Services Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) program is part of a national, research-based nurse visitation program that provides health education and screenings, counseling, life skills training and other prenatal intervention to low-income expectant women or new mothers and their babies. Weekly or bi-weekly home visits by an RN ensure a safe, healthy pregnancy for at-risk moms, healthy birth weight deliveries, and quality care-giving for the child during the first year after birth. Recent Pennsylvania state budget cuts have eliminated the agency’s ability to purchase educational materials for new families entering the program. Foundation funding will help fill this gap by providing materials for 200 new low-income families in the coming year.

Pocono Medical Center

$9,590.00 - Skin Cancer Screenings and Education for the Uninsured

Pocono Medical Center (PMC) will use Foundation funding to expand its annual free skin cancer screening event into a regularly available service for Monroe County’s un/underinsured. Eligible individuals will be referred to the program by local social service agencies, and screenings will be regularly conducted at PMC Physician Associate offices in East Stroudsburg, Tobyhanna, and Brodheadsville, which are easily accessible via public transportation. No less than 250 individuals will be screened and educated about risk factors, sun protection, early signs of skin cancer and strategies for self-examination. Those needing intervention services will be referred to a specialist for follow-up.

Pocono Services for Families and Children

$6,500.00 - Health Literacy Training Program

Pocono Services for Families and Children (PSFC), the leading Head Start childcare provider in Monroe County, will use Foundation funds to deliver health literacy training to Head Start families in the coming year. PSFC staff will receive specialized training in the UCLA/Johnson & Johnson health literacy model, then conduct a series of workshops for 160 low-income parents and caregivers at four locations across the county. Topics include At-Home Treatment of Common Childhood Illnesses, Reading Prescription Labels, Oral Health, Obesity Prevention, Asthma, and Health Promotion. Nationwide data shows that once trained, families experience a marked decrease in emergency room and clinic visits, as well as the number of school days and work days missed.

Scranton Counseling Center

$10,000.00 - SCC S.W.E.A.T Program

The Scranton Counseling Center (SCC) will use Foundation funds to add a nutrition and physical education component to its existing summer program for low-income youth with emotional, behavioral and/or social problems. The S.W.E.A.T. (Summer Wellness Education, Activities and Therapeutic) Program will now provide at least 120 minutes of daily physical activity and weekly nutrition education sessions to 100 at-risk children for eight weeks this summer.

Scranton Primary Health Care Center

$15,000.00 - Dental Supplies for the Uninsured

Scranton Primary Health Care Center will use Foundation funds to provide dental services to 120 un/underinsured adults from six counties. Funds will be used to purchase commonly needed dental supplies, and to screen these patients for oral cancer. Since many of the Center's un/underinsured patients smoke, funds will also be used to provide tobacco prevention/cessation education to 500 patients.

Sullivan County Victim Services

$5,000.00 - Safety for Children in an Internet Era

With reports of cyber-bullying and internet harassment growing in local schools, Sullivan County Victim Services (SCVS) will use Foundation funding to add Cyber-Bullying Safety and Internet Harassment Avoidance training to its school-based safety and prevention programming. In partnership with the Sullivan County School District, SCVS will offer age-appropriate presentations during school hours to 400 students, pre-school through 12th grades, and offer education sessions for 100 parents and caregivers as well.

United Way of Lackawanna and Wayne Counties

$5,500.00 - Success By 6 Nutrition Education Program

Success By 6 (SB6) is a United Way initiative aimed at helping all children under 6 receive the education, health care, and social and emotional development they need. SB6 will use Foundation funds to partner with 12 Pre-K Counts classrooms across Lackawanna County to provide nutrition education for at-risk youngsters, ages 3 to 5, and their families. At least 247 children will receive age-appropriate information, with 100 parents and caregivers also receiving training on preparing healthy and affordable meals, identifying healthy snacks, portion control and reading nutrition labels.

University of Scranton

$12,000.00 - The Edward R. Leahy Center Clinic for the Uninsured

The University of Scranton's Edward R. Leahy Center Clinic for the Uninsured is a free clinic offering primary health care services to uninsured residents of Lackawanna County. Approximately 1,000 of the patients seen each year require medications, supplies and/or immunizations to comply with physicians' recommendations. Foundation funds will enable the Clinic to increase its available inventory of single course treatments for acute episodic conditions, preventive treatments, lab supplies and disposable medical supplies to serve an estimated 1,000 new un/underinsured individuals in the coming year.

Valley Prevention Services

$5,900.00 - "Too Good for Drugs" School-Based Prevention Program

Valley Prevention Services (VPS) will use Foundation funds to introduce “Too Good For Drugs,” an evidence-based prevention education program for elementary school-aged youngsters. During the Spring of 2011, trained educators from VPS will conduct 80 age-appropriate presentations targeting 250 second and third grade students in Lycoming County. The 10 lesson curriculum focuses on developing skills to resist peer pressures, goal setting, decision-making, managing emotions, effective communication, and social interactions. The program also provides information about the negative consequences of drug use and the benefits of a nonviolent, drug-free lifestyle.

Victims’ Intervention Program

$3,900.00 - School-Based Cyber Safety Program

With cyber-bullying and internet harassment on the rise, Victims’ Intervention Program will use Foundation funds to add Cyber Safety and Internet Harassment Avoidance training to its school-based prevention programming in all Wayne County School Districts. Certified counselors from Victim’s Intervention will conduct 54 one-hour, age-appropriate presentations for 550 fourth grade students during the 2010/2011 academic year. Topics will include the dangers of disclosing personal information over the internet, the types of internet predators, potentially dangerous or suspicious behaviors, and avoidance strategies.

Volunteers of America

$7,000.00 - Supporting Stronger Families

In July 2010, Volunteers of America (VOA) launched “Supporting Stronger Families” to increase parental competencies and promote the safety and well-being of children from birth to age 5 in Luzerne County. Families identified at high risk for potential child abuse and neglect receive intensive home-based intervention to achieve safety, stability and self-sufficiency. Foundation funding will enable Family Support Coaches from VOA to meet with 60 low-income at-risk families three times per week, for 12 weeks, in the coming year. Services include parenting education, crisis resolution, and referrals for mental health screenings and substance abuse counseling if needed.

Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers

$9,930.00 - Healthier Babies Through Breastfeeding

Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers (WMCHC) will use Foundation funds to launch a breastfeeding education program designed to increase the number of breastfed infants among the un/underinsured women the Clinic serves. In the coming year, a certified lactation consultant will provide 300 hours of instruction and educational materials to 150 new un/underinsured moms and their babies, from birth through six months. Students from The Commonwealth Medical College will collect outcome data to measure the short and long term health benefits realized by the participants.

Women’s Resource Center

$6,500.00 - Teen Relationship Violence – Prevention Education Program

Young women ages 16-to-19 are four times more likely than the general population to be victims of sexual assault. The Women’s Resource Center (WRC) will use Foundation funds to create and launch a new approach to violence prevention education for young women in Lackawanna County. Using best practices research, WRC will develop the “Teen Relationship Violence Prevention” curriculum, a highly interactive program combining educational presentations, case scenarios, videos and reading material. Topics will include personal safety and risk reduction, the dynamics of domestic and dating violence, stalking and sexual assault. Twenty-eight 90-minute education sessions will be delivered in the coming year to 370 age-targeted women identified by community partners.

YWCA of Northcentral Pennsylvania

$10,000.00 - Liberty House – Case Management Services

Liberty House is a goal-oriented, bridge housing program at the YWCA of Northcentral Pennsylvania that offers residential rooms and case management services to homeless women and their children in Lycoming County. Services include referrals for mental health screenings, drug and alcohol counseling, domestic violence prevention education, smoking cessation programs, health screenings, parenting education, and nutrition information. State funding cuts have put the program at risk. Foundation funds will be used to maintain nearly 1,000 hours of essential caseworker services for 85 homeless women in the coming year.

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