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Grant Reporting

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The Blue Ribbon Foundation of Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania monitors all active grants through regular grant reports to measure outcomes and grantee performance. As a condition of all grant awards, organizations are required to report on project progress and outcomes. Instructions regarding your specific reporting requirements will be emailed to you after your grant is approved and a Foundation grant agreement has been executed.

There are two types of reporting required by The Blue Ribbon Foundation:

  • Interim Reporting: At designated points during the project, the grantee shall submit a summary report of work completed to date, as well as documentation of project expenses and funds expended to date.
  • Final Reporting: At the end of the project period, the grantee shall submit a final report of activities undertaken and an evaluation of their effectiveness in attaining the goals of the project. The grantee shall also submit a final budget report.

Please remember as you prepare your grant proposal that your project reports will need to address specific progress against goals and objectives, key accomplishments, challenges and obstacles, and detailed financial reporting.