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Grant Seeker Toolkit

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The following is a sampling of questions posed by our internal grant review committee when reviewing grant proposals:

Project Description

  • Why is the project being proposed?
  • What is the community benefit?
  • How will the project be implemented?
  • Who will be providing the service?
  • Who will be targeted as participants?
  • What service will be provided?
  • How often, how long and at what depth do the participants have to interact?
  • What is the frequency/intensity of the project?
  • Where will the program take place?
  • How will the project be measured?

Collaborative Partners

  • Who are the partners? What are their roles?

Community/Regional Need

  • What are the broad objectives for the project?
  • How many people will be affected by each health objective?
  • Are there similar services available in the area?
  • How is this project different? Or, how does it fill a gap?
  • Is the organization coordinating with the other services?

Anticipated Impact

  • What are the specific health gains that the participants should achieve?
  • What is the added value of the project?
  • What will happen because of the project?
  • What would happen without this project?
  • What is the community outreach component?
  • How will the project address at-risk or disadvantaged populations?

Identifying Participants

  • How will participants be identified?
  • How will at-risk or disadvantaged individuals be targeted?
  • How will participation barriers be overcome (transportation, childcare, etc.)?

Evaluating Outcomes & Sample Outcomes

  • What are the specific measures for the outcomes (BMI, heart-rate, etc.)?
  • Attachment of survey provided?
  • What will the participants gain?
  • How will you determine if your project is on track?

Timeline and Workplan

  • What and when are key tasks that will take place?
  • Who is responsible for each task?
  • What is the plan to attract other funding?
  • What is the liklihood that it will be secured?
  • What will happen if the funding is not secured?