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Accurate and timely information is critical to effectively and efficiently manage your health care coverage in today’s changing health care environment. Stay up to date on the latest developments with all the resources we offer:

  • Benefits Bulletin, our online newsletter for employers, published twice a year, is your primary source of information for managing your employees’ health care coverage. If we have your email address, you will receive an email notification when the newsletter is posted online. Click here for the most recent version. Click here for all the employer newsletters.

  • Blue News, located on the employer self-service site, keeps you updated in between issues of Benefits Bulletin newsletter. This information is important to you and your employees, so be sure to check the site often for the most current updates. Click here to sign on.

  • Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania emails are the most urgent updates on the latest legislative developments and action items regarding health care reform and how it impacts your business. It’s important to check your email regularly and read these updates in a timely manner, as much of this information is time sensitive and calls for your immediate attention.

  • Medical Policy Updates guides how our health plans' covered benefits are applied. Click here for the most recent changes, typically updated on a monthly basis.

Please keep your email address up to date and notify us immediately if it changes. If you haven’t provided us with your email address, please send your group name, contact name and email address to today.