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Self-Funded Plan Resources

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Let Resources Help Manage Your Self-funded Plan

At Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania, we know how important it is for self-funded plan administrators to have a key source of information for their employees about their health care plan. Our website,, is the one-stop resource for you and your employees to get the health coverage information you need.

Employers Site

The “Employers” site on includes important resources that you can share with your employees to help them use their benefit coverage appropriately. Just click on “Manage My Employee Information” to view:

The resources on the sites mentioned above contain valuable information for you and your employees about our:

The Annual Health Guide listed above is also available for your employees to access directly at Just click on “Health Insurance Plans” and then select the group plan in which you are enrolled. The Health Guide has articles with important information about our Utilization Management and Complaint and Grievance Processes:

Members Site

In addition, we encourage you and your employees to visit our “Members” site at to access Member Newsletters.

Although your employees most likely received a Summary Plan Description when they enrolled, you can remind them that their benefits are also available 24/7 on our Member “Self-Service” site at login to our Member “Self-Service” site and click on the “Claims & Benefits” tab to see your Covered Benefits and Services.

This is just another way Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania is working to make health care easier.

*Self-funded plan administrators are responsible for preparing and distributing a Summary Plan Description and Notice of Privacy Practices specific to their self-funded plans.

Self-funded plan administrators are responsible for the distribution of information provided to their participants upon enrollment.

Not all policies and provisions described in the documents referenced here may apply to all self-funded group plans.