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Self-Service Group Enrollment

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Eliminate routine paperwork and phone calls with our Self-Service Group Enrollment.

With Self-Service Group Enrollment, you can access a number of online services which provide you with the ability to enroll employees within your 2015 health insurance plan, adjust coverage and update personal information. Read through the simple steps below, then click here to register.

Registration | Enter New Enrollments/Changes/Terminations | Process Transactions in your Queue | Questions and Answers Anchor

1. Pay particular attention to the Username and Password that you select.

  • First name* - first name of group leader who is signing on.
  • Last Name* - last name of group leader who is signing on.
  • Group Leader Name on Invoice* - group leader name exactly as it prints on the first page of the group invoice.
  • Date of Birth* - group leader's date of birth.
  • Company Number* - This is currently indicated on any group bill on the top, right hand corner.
  • Group Number* - The group leader can input any one of the group numbers for which his name is listed on the bill; it will provide access to all groups that have the same group leader and company code. Group number must be entered as 9 positions, i.e., 0#####000. Do not enter the dash (-).
  • Username*- Must be at least 5 characters in length with no spaces.
  • Password* - Must be at least 6 characters in length with at least one number and one letter.
  • Re-enter Password.*
  • Email Address.*
  • Re-enter Email Address.*
  • Are you currently a member with BCNEPA?
  • Challenge Question* - Please select a challenge question and answer. The challenge question and answer will be used to help verify your identity if you ever forget your username and/or password.
  • Challenge Answer.*

*Denotes a required field

2. You will receive your personal identification number (PIN) in the mail within a few days.

3. When you receive your PIN, you can either enter the Web address that appears on your PIN letter or login to Self-Service Group Enrollment here. Enter your Username and Password and click on Validate PIN from the Account Manager. Validate your Username and PIN according to the request on the screen.

4. Once registered, you will begin each visit at the “Login” screen each time you access this Self-Service Group Enrollment. Just enter your Username and Password to begin.

5. If you were unsuccessful at registering, please call our Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania office at 570-200-6646, weekdays from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.


Entering New Enrollments/Changes/Terminations

All applications/changes/terminations entered through Self-Service Group Enrollment are subject to our normal business rules. If an application/change/termination is entered and there is a problem or it conflicts with a business rule, you will receive a letter or call advising of the additional information needed or the change to the requested information. Please retain copies of applications/changes/terminations for your files. Please be sure to enter all information which is indicated as a required field. This will help ensure that your information is processed promptly.

New Enrollment

Use this section to enter enrollment information for employees and their dependents who are not currently enrolled in a BCNEPA product through your company. Information will first be entered on the employee and then for any dependents.

For new enrollments, the contract number will be the member’s social security number.

If the member has a suffix in their name (e.g., Jr., Sr., II), the suffix should be entered in the “Suffix” field and not as part of the last name.

The level of coverage (single, family, parent & child, etc.) will be determined by the number and type of dependents entered for the contract and will be calculated by our system.

Once the employee’s information has been entered, you can add dependents from the Summary Screen by selecting the Save and Add Dependents button. Once dependents, if any, have been added, select the Save button in order to move the new enrollment to the queue.

If you are enrolling a member for both health and vision coverage, you will need to enroll the member twice.


Use this section to add dependents to already enrolled contracts, to change addresses of enrollees, to change a Primary Care Physician (PCP), to add a product to an employee’s coverage (e.g., vision), to remove a product or to change personal information for an enrollee. Each of these sections listed can be performed at the subscriber and dependent level with the exception of Add Dependent.

Use either the employee’s social security number or Unique Member Identifier (UMI) for the “Contract Number” when entering changes. The UMI will be 12 digits in length.

Please be sure to enter the employees’ and dependents’ names consistently. Names that are entered differently will result in new ID cards being issued. For example, Bill vs. William. Additionally, the entering of the suffix as part of the last name vs. as the suffix will result in another ID card being issued.


Use this section to terminate coverage of employees and/or dependents. If you terminate the coverage of an employee, all dependents’ coverage will also automatically be terminated. You do not need to enter terminations for the dependents in this situation.

If you are only terminating the coverage of a dependent(s), you will need to enter the termination information for each dependent(s) being terminated separately.


Processing Transactions in your Queue

Once you have entered and saved the enrollment/change/termination information, they will be transferred to your queue. In order to process the transaction, you simply check off the transaction(s) and click on the “Process Queue” button. In order for the information to be submitted to BCNEPA, you will need to process the transactions in your queue.

Please note that the queue is cleared on a bi-weekly basis. Any information left in the queue on this date will be deleted. There is a warning message on the Queue menu page which indicates the next date that the queue will be cleared.


Questions & Answers


Question: Do passwords expire?
Answer: The passwords do not expire; however, the accounts become inactive after 13 months of inactivity.

Question: Why can’t PIN numbers be emailed to customers?
Answer: This is a security measure. We mail the PIN letter to the address on our records. Sending the PIN to the address on our records is the only way to ensure the PIN goes to the correct person.

Question: If a group leader changes, does his/her access get revoked? Can he/she still use his password?
Answer: There is a check in the system to see if the group leader is still active on our main system. If they are not still active, that group leader and all of his/her delegated administrators are locked from entering any information. They cannot unlock the account without calling BCNEPA. (They cannot use the Reset Locked Account process, because this is locked in a different way.)

Question: If the group leader leaves, are the delegates’ authorizations terminated?
Answer: This is the same as above. If the group leader is no longer on the Group file in our main system, the Delegated Administrators get locked out. If the delegated entity then becomes the new group administrator, the new group administrator has to re-register and get a new PIN number.

Question: If a customer does not have an e-mail address on the delegate form (required field), what happens?
Answer: They will not be able to create that delegated account. The e-mail address is a required field because we use it to send Reset Locked Account and Password functionality information.

Question: How many delegates can each group administrator have?
Answer: There is no limit.

Question: Is Group Leader Name case sensitive?
Answer: No.

Question: Does the delegate have to be on the Group Contract List?
Answer: No.


Question: Why are Contract number and Social Security number entered twice?
Answer: The Contract and Social Security numbers are not the same for dependents, and both are needed to process the transaction.

Question: Why does the queue clean out on Sunday?
Answer: The queue is cleared on a bi-weekly basis on a Sunday. The Queue screen will indicate the next date on which the queue will be cleared.

Question: What is the HIPAA relationship code?
Answer: There is a drop down box to allow the group leader or delegate to select for whom the change is being made. This is a required field for all electronic transmissions.

Question: When Medicare is chosen, what is the process to get an ID card to Enrollment and Billing?
Answer: A copy of the Medicare card should be forwarded to the Enrollment and Billing area either by fax or mail. To ensure appropriate processing, please indicate that the information was entered through the Self-Service Group Enrollment .

Question: What should be entered for the Medicare End Date if the member is still active with Medicare?
Answer: You should leave it blank.