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Urgent Care Centers

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Where you go for medical care depends on how serious your illness or injury is. In most situations, when you are sick, you will save time and money by seeing your doctor. If you can’t reach your primary care doctor and it can’t wait, an urgent care center may be the right choice. Urgent care centers are a convenient and low-cost option for non-emergency care, when your doctor isn’t available. But in a true emergency, go to the ER.

Get Unscheduled Walk-In Care

Urgent care centers have evening and weekend hours and give unscheduled, walk-in care for non-emergency illnesses and injuries. Urgent care centers are clinics staffed by physicians, nurses, physician assistants and other medical professionals. Urgent care visits are covered by your Blue plan when they are performed and billed by a provider in our network. For the lowest out-of-pocket costs, visit one of the 3 MedExpress centers in our network, any day between 9 am and 9 pm, at one of the following locations:

677D Kidder Street
276 West Side Mall
1953 East Third Street

If you use a center out of the urgent care network, we will pay for covered services according to how the center bills the visit and according to your plan’s Policy/Contract. For example, it may be billed as an ER visit, outpatient visit or office visit. Keep in mind out-of-network urgent care centers may still cost you less than if you get treated in the ER for nonemergency care and services. For more information on out-of-pocket costs for care from ERs and urgent care centers, see your Outline of Coverage.

See Your Doctor When it’s Not an Emergency

For non-emergencies, call your doctor first. Your doctor is best because he or she knows your medical history, medications and health issues. Many doctors offer same-day appointments or have a doctor on call for urgent care. Many doctors have options for reaching them or someone at their office during evening and weekend hours. Seeing your regular doctor will generally be quicker and cost you less than the ER.

Go to the ER in an Emergency

The hospital ER provides fast, life-saving care for medical emergencies and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Medical emergencies include sudden, serious or life-threatening illnesses and injuries. If you are not sure how serious a health problem is, you should call 911 or go to your local ER right away.

Be sure to see your Policy and member handbook kit for your specific out-of-pocket costs and to see if you have an urgent care benefit. Please note that self-funded group benefits may be different from the benefits and services described here. Check your Summary Plan Description for complete details of your program.