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Member Handbooks

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When you enrolled in your health insurance plan, you received a member handbook along with your insurance policy. The member handbook simplifies what’s in your policy, to make it easier to understand your health insurance.

Your handbook gives you a brief summary of your covered benefits and services, along with the preventive services that are covered—most at no cost to you. It also explains:

  • How to use our in-network doctors, hospitals and specialists and those out-of-network
  • When you need to file a claim and how to do it
  • When you need to get prior approval for care and how to get it
  • How we make sure you get quality care with medical care review
  • How to get care when you are outside our service area
  • How to reach us

To view or print your member handbook, just select your insurance plan from the list below.

Individual Plans
myBlue® Choice
myBlue Choice LP
myBlue Access
myBlue Access LP
myBlue Access Catastrophic
myBlue Cross, a Multi-State Plan
myBlue Care
BlueCare Direct Plans
Special Care

Group Plans
BlueCare® Traditional
BlueCare PPO/QHD PPO Small Group
BlueCare PPO/QHD PPO Large Group
BlueCare Custom PPO/EPO Small Group
BlueCare Custom PPO/EPO Large Group
BlueCare QHD Custom PPO/EPO Small Group
BlueCare QHD Custom PPO/EPO Large Group
AffordaBlue Small Group
AffordaBlue Large Group
BlueCare HMO/HMO Plus

Medicare Plans
BlueCare Security
BlueCare Senior