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New Online Store: Expanded Online Marketplace for Shoppers

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February 26, 2013

Potential members now have the Blue Cross Store online as a sophisticated tool for learning about our plans and applying for coverage.

Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania is proud to introduce a full-service online marketplace that complements our growing retail store presence. This integration of bricks and mortar with online shopping opens new opportunities for a growing base of technology savvy consumers and business leaders to buy insurance that’s best suited for their health care needs.

The Blue Cross Store’s online portal greets visitors with simple, intuitive statements – such as "I want the lowest cost health insurance" and "I don’t want to answer medical questions" – that lead visitors to pages that highlight our individual, Medicare and defined contribution group offerings. All pages offer an opportunity to receive quotes, and buy and enroll in plans based on the options, deductibles and coinsurances the visitor has chosen.

"Our experience with The Blue Cross Store validates how important it is to cultivate a comprehensive presence in the marketplace using online, bricks and mortar, and traditional sales approaches," said Elena Kambitsi, Vice President of Product Development and Marketing. "Thanks to the electronic revolution, a growing customer base will be shopping at their convenience through computers, smart phones, iPads and other means. With these tools it is possible to buy health insurance while waiting for the bus, standing in line at the grocery store or watching the Super Bowl halftime show."

Creating a customer-friendly site was central to the online marketplace’s design, according to Cristan Strus, Director of Content & Engagement. She said visitors will find a health insurance marketplace that’s easy to navigate and use. "Competing effectively in the health care reform environment requires a laser-like focus on potential member needs," she said. "Every facet of our strategy creates a seamless sales experience and generates results for our company and its customers."

To visit The Blue Cross Store Online, go to