Network Maps for Your Patients

Your patients with any Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania plan will get the greatest value when using in-network providers, like you, for their care. Encourage your patients to use in-network doctors and hospitals whenever possible in order to avoid higher out-of-pocket costs. Check the network map for your patientsí plan to find doctors and hospitals in your patientís service area.

PPO Network Map for BlueCare® PPO, BlueCare QHD PPO, myBlue® Choice, myBlue Choice LP and my Blue Cross, a Multi-State Plan Custom PPO Network Map for BlueCare Custom PPO, BlueCare QHD Custom PPO, myBlue® Access and myBlue Access LP
Tiered Custom PPO Network Map for myBlue Care and AffordaBlueSM EPO Network Map for BlueCare EPO
Traditional Network Map for BlueCare Traditional HMO Network Map for BlueCare HMO
HMO Plus Network Map for BlueCare HMO Plus