Preparing for Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform is here. You need to know how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will affect your practice and your patients. We have information designed just for you—so that you can learn more about the ACA, find answers to your questions and help educate your patients on the importance of health insurance and how to use it.

Keep in mind, if you have patients without health insurance, they will have to wait until the next open enrollment period to buy a plan—unless they have a special circumstance that qualifies them for a "special enrollment period." Your patients can learn more about the ACA, the importance of health insurance, tips on shopping for health insurance, when to shop and how to use their coverage on our Health Care Education Center at

What You Need to Know

The brochures below are designed just for providers so that you can understand how the ACA will affect you, your practice and your patients.

A Timeline for Your Practice and Patients Accurate Coding and Documentation
What You Need to Know About Our New Health Insurance Plans  

For your Patients

Educate your patients about the ACA and health insurance—just download and print these brochures for your patients to read.

What You Need to Know About Health Insurance What You Need to Know About Our Networks of Doctors and Hospitals
Important Notice on Special Enrollment  

Provider Bulletin Articles

We feature the Health Care Reform topics most relevant to providers in our monthly Provider Bulletins.

February 2014: What You Need to Know about Networks
January 2014: Individual Grace Period
January 2014: Contraceptive Coverage
November 2013: Understanding 2104 Networks and Plans
October 2013: Medical Record Retrieval
September 2013: Understanding Networks
August 2013: 90-Day Grace Period
July 2013: Essential Health Benefits
June 2013: How the Marketplace Works
May 2013: Accurate Documentation & Coding