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Marianne DePasqua

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Blue Health Solutions Gave Marianne DePasqua “Life-Saving Information”

When Marianne DePasqua of Williamsport visited her eye doctor, she left with much more than a pair of glasses. Marianne says she couldn’t see with the pair she had just been prescribed and had to keep returning to her eye doctor for adjustments. When an eye exam showed different results from the exam given only two weeks earlier, her eye doctor suggested that she talk to her family doctor about having a blood test called an HbA1C. Marianne followed his advice and was diagnosed with diabetes in August of 2008. Marianne credits her eye doctor for being thorough and proactive about her health.

Not knowing who to talk to or where to turn, Marianne says she received "life-saving" information from the Blue Health SolutionsSM Diabetes Management Program and on Blue Cross' website at She credits the dramatic turn-around in the quality of her life to her participation in the Diabetes Management Program.

When Marianne’s employer, Pennsylvania College of Technology, started promoting wellness programs at work, which included Blue Health Solutions, Marianne gained strength and success by attending meetings, and completing various online educational presentations for weight loss, healthy heart, and diabetes.

Using a comprehensive on-line program for diabetics, she finds it very helpful that she can document her most current health information to make sure she is staying on task, and also credits Blue Health Solutions for offering health articles online that help curb her diet and tailor it to real-life situations.

"I have a very busy lifestyle; the program helps keep me on track." It has also helped her drop her total cholesterol by 62 points and get off her medication. So far she has lost 30 pounds, follows a great diet and enjoys walking.

Marianne feels confident that she can continue her success thanks to the example her mother has set. Marianne says her mother is her ‘hero’ because she has managed her diabetes through lifestyle changes only, such as diet and exercise, for 19 years.

“You’re always going to have life happening around you, and you have to get back on track when you slip up. I will have this condition for the rest of my life and I need to be prepared.”

Marianne feels like she has a team supporting her that includes her doctor, a Blue Health Solutions personal health coach who is a registered nurse, online resources on Blue Cross® website and family and friends. When a doctor isn’t accessible, she feels confident in the Blue Health Solutions Diabetes Management Program to get answers to her questions. She also looks forward to getting friendly phone calls from the nurse who just checks in to see how she is doing. “She really wants to hear that things are going well, she gives me that little pep talk.”

Marianne encourages other BlueCare® members to call 1-866-262-4764 to speak with a health coach and to visit “I appreciate that Blue Cross provides this service to me. If you arm yourself with the right information, you can win the battle and improve your situation.”

Congratulations to Marianne for her strength and determination to improve her health and for finding success through Blue Health Solutions.