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Catherine York

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Catherine York Is Making Fitness A Family Affair

Having lost 75 pounds since September of 2007, some might say that Catherine York has already achieved her wellness goals but she’s on an impressive path for a lifetime of wellness that includes her entire family.

Catherine is talking the talk and walking the walk when it comes to promoting healthy habits in her household. She and her husband Shawn are both committed to eating well and working out and hope to inspire their two daughters, Trinity, 8 and Shelby, 10. Catherine’s 23-yr old step-son Matthew, has a weight loss goal of his own as he prepares for the Marine Corp. Catherine says “We all  have an incentive to eat well.”

Catherine kick started her weigh loss initially by following the NutriSystem® meal plan and made changes to her eating habits that include cutting back a lot on sugar and snack foods and changing portion sizes. She says she eats five times a day but usually only a total of 1200 - 1600 calories. “I find that I can control my weight better if I plan my meals ahead of time and balance my total calories over the course of the day.”

For several months Catherine focused her weight loss efforts around nutrition but when she reached a plateau, she decided to kick her work out into high gear. Now, she’s working toward a lifetime commitment to healthy living through a combination of good eating habits and a challenging fitness routine.

Catherine found success working out with her husband five times a week. The couple’s routine includes a mix of body-weight exercises i.e., push-ups, squats, dips etc. three times a week and cardio twice a week.

”When my husband came home from deployment to Afghanistan in February, we started working out together. While I can't do everything he can, I am always happily surprised by how well I can keep up.”

Catherine encourages everyone to find a workout partner who supports, motivates and challenges them. Most importantly, she says it’s important that people just do what works best for them to achieve healthy outcomes.